Ethical Hacking at FIT CTU in Prague 2018

This year we again had the opportunity to raise awareness of lockpicking and personal security for students of the Faculty of Information Technology at CTU in Prague as part of the course Ethical Hacking. The guarantor of this lecture was Locksmith CZ company as an authorized training center in the Czech Republic. We divided the April lecture into three parts. The first part was about EVVA company, where the representative of EVVA, Mr. Martin Beinl, informed the audience about their product portfolio, about the protection and safety of homes, offices and other buildings. He showed to all practically all mechanical and electronic locking systems (AirKey, Xesar), as well as individual advantages of all products and their processing.

Then Marek Pederzoli, a representative of the Czech Lockpicker Association, took the floor and explained the basics of lockpicking to the students. These basics of lockpicking included topics such as the lockpicker’s code of ethics, how locks work, the history of lockpicking, the dividing and types of picks, the various methods of lockpicking.

The third part was focused on practical demonstration of lockpicking. Lockpicking is like an art that opens a lock without damage! The ACL team has prepared several locations for students. The base was a location for picking padlocks and cylinders, each student had the opportunity to try with Mark Pederzoli, Martin Červený, Jaroslav Coufal and Jan Glaser to open the locks non-destructively. Each student could also try the method of bumping or opening with the electropick, where everything was explained by Roman Hora and Boris Mahdal. The bonus of this event was a demonstration of non-destructive opening of safe locks. The non-destructive method of opening the safe lock uses a decoder. Of course, the safe lock can only be opened if the decoder is properly handled and the procedure is followed. Jan Hanák showed students the opening of safe locks and Petr Wittner introduced the history and types of safe locks.