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Ethical Hacking at FIT CTU in Prague 2018

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This year we again had the opportunity to raise awareness of lockpicking and personal security for students of the Faculty of Information Technology at CTU in Prague as part of the course Ethical Hacking. The guarantor of this lecture was Locksmith CZ company as an authorized training center in the Czech Republic. We divided the April lecture into three parts. The first part was about EVVA company, where the representative of EVVA, Mr. Martin Beinl, informed the audience about their product portfolio, about the protection and safety of homes, offices and other buildings. He showed to all practically all mechanical and [...]

Security Session conference 2018 FIT Brno University of Technology

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On Saturday 7th April 2018 there was a non-commercial conference in Brno called Security Session conference 2018 and we had the opportunity to become a partner of this event. This conference focuses mainly on news and current issues in the field of mobile and information technology security.  In the morning there was a lecture on the topic of lockpicking, when ACL member took the floor during the almost full auditorium of the students. Before beginning to familiarize everyone with lockpicking terminology, used methods and tools, etc., he emphasized our code of ethics to all listeners. And that we open only our [...]

The Open Day at Wendt GmbH 2018

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The Open House is held every two years at Wendt GmbH company in Germany. Also this year we were among the invited people and we went for the visit on 2nd - 4th March 2018. We are always interested in what we will see and how this trip will enrich us. We are always looking forward to seeing our colleagues from the German Lockpicker Association (Sportsfreunde der Sperrtechnik). German Lockpickers are very proficient in the impressioning method, which is to create the correct key according to the cylinder with a magnifying glass and a nail file. A small race was held [...]

We attended ELF 2017 Convention

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We had the opportunity to present our skills and knowledge at the European Locksmith Federation Convention 2017. This event took place at the weekend of May 19th – 21st 2017 in Prague. We have prepared a mini-competition in lockpicking with several locations. ELF participants could try to open the cylinders and padlocks with the help of picks, then they could try to open the cylinders directly in the door. Even some of the participants managed to open the door. PHOTOGALERY […]

Ethical Hacking at the Faculty of Information Technology, CTU 2017

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In April 2017 FIT students had the opportunity to attend a seminar prepared by Locksmith CZ company in cooperation with the Czech Lockpicker Association as part of the Ethical Hacking course. The exclusive aim of the event was to illustrate the students of IT the field of physical security. PHOTOGALERY


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