Security Session conference 2018 FIT Brno University of Technology

On Saturday 7th April 2018 there was a non-commercial conference in Brno called Security Session conference 2018 and we had the opportunity to become a partner of this event. This conference focuses mainly on news and current issues in the field of mobile and information technology security. 

In the morning there was a lecture on the topic of lockpicking, when ACL member took the floor during the almost full auditorium of the students. Before beginning to familiarize everyone with lockpicking terminology, used methods and tools, etc., he emphasized our code of ethics to all listeners. And that we open only our own locks, or locks for which we have the explicit permission of their owner.

We never open locks that are used to secure real estate or property. We do not disclose information where there is a risk of misuse for illegal activities. After the lecture we went to a great lunch at a closed restaurant and recharged for our afternoon workshop. Our ACL team showed students of FIT BUT practical opening of cylinders and padlocks by picks or electropick, each participant could try lockpicking method. Furthermore, everyone could try the dynamic bumping method. As a bonus of the workshop was a demonstration of the non-destructive opening of the safe lock, its terminology and the disassemled safe lock. ACL was attended by Nikol Ivanovová, Jana Jelínková, Jaroslav Coufal, Petr Wittner, Marek Pederzoli, Jan Hanák, Boris Mahdal and Roman Hora.