The Open Day at Wendt GmbH 2018

The Open House is held every two years at Wendt GmbH company in Germany. Also this year we were among the invited people and we went for the visit on 2nd – 4th March 2018. We are always interested in what we will see and how this trip will enrich us. We are always looking forward to seeing our colleagues from the German Lockpicker Association (Sportsfreunde der Sperrtechnik). German Lockpickers are very proficient in the impressioning method, which is to create the correct key according to the cylinder with a magnifying glass and a nail file. A small race was held in this discipline even on Saturday. We also visited the Zieh-Fix opening technique section this weekend. We did not miss the presentation of Abrites products (top self-diagnostics). We looked at the collection of historical locks with the mouths open, and we were surprised at what existed in the past. Everything has evolved in some time to simplicity and a certain specification of the technical design. Of course, this trip was excellent for food and drink, we spent evenings not only with our ACL members, but also with colleagues from AZKS and participants of the event..