Association of Czech Lockpickers

Lockpicking – the art of opening locks without keys.

We are an independent organization that connects people interested in nondestructive opening of locks as a hobby or sport.


We are a voluntary independent organization focused on lockpicking, i.e., non-destructive opening of locks. Our association was established in 2010, we are the oldest association of lockpickers in the Czech Republic and one of the oldest in Europe. For nearly a decade we have been organizing international lockpicking championships. 

Lockpicking is a hobby and sport for us. Most of our members are professionals: locksmiths, safe technicians and other security experts but some play with locks in their spare time. We are aware that lockpicking can be misused and we are working hard to educate the general public about vulnerabilities of locks. We organize lectures at universities (Czech Technical University in Prague, the University of Technology in Brno), various international conventions (ELF 2017 in Prague or LockFest in Karlovy Vary) and other events, where we promote good physical security. We try to collaborate with lock manufacturers as much as possible to make locks safer for everyone.



We are always looking to meet new people interested in locks. If you live in the Czech Republic and are curious about lockpicking, let us know. After you participate in several events and we get to know you and can confirm that your interest are genuine (and if you have no criminal record) you might become a member of our association. It may be a beginning of an interesting journey, who knows, maybe you will one day be our new lockpicking champion or perhaps someone who will invent a new locking mechanism that will make locks much safer for everyone.

  • International connections – we collaborate with various international groups and experts

  • Getting better – we are still trying to learn new things and improve what we already know

  • Sharing information – we are not afraid to talk about security, but we are doing so in a responsible manner


Our trainings are not accessible to general public without prior notice. If you are interested in lockpicking as a hobby or sport, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We do not accept international members right now.


The organization brings together people interested in non-destructive opening of locks as sport and hobby. It also organizes events including international lockpicking championships. The association provides a knowledge base for its members who can collaborate and learn from each other. The expert knowledge of our members is also used to educate general public and provide assessment of security of locks for companies and manufacturers.

Our goal is to present lockpicking as a sport and a hobby in a responsible way. To educate general public about the weaknesses of locks and to promote good physical security and to use our expertise to provide feedback to manufacturers and to help them to improve their products.
  1. We only open our own locks or locks for which we have an explicit permission from the owner.
  2. Lockpickers that are not professional locksmiths should never pick locks in use.
  3. We do not disclose information that can be used for illegal activities.

Our member base is diverse. There are both men and women, coming from various parts of the Czech Republic and various backgrounds. We are connected by our interest in locks that are like puzzles for us – puzzles we love to solve. We like learning new things and constantly getting better at what we do. We gained many new friends for life.







Our goal is to offer comprehensive services and solutions for companies and organizations, lock makers and the public. We are happy to assist and provide public advisory services in the area of property security. We consider the information entrusted to us and any sensitive data from all entities to be strictly confidential.





Lockpicking – the art of opening locks without keys.

Regularly, we are publishing articles about lockpicking, locksmithing and security and organizing various events and workshops. (Not all posts are available in the English version of the website yet, more will be translated over time.)