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Blog not only from the world of lockpicking

Lockpicking – the art of opening locks without keys.

We create a blog not only about lockpicking. We regularly try to bring news from the field of locksmithing, safes, security and various events and workshops. Since the very beginning we have been organizing the only lockpicking championship in the Czech Republic, we have regularly participated in the international exhibition LockFest in Karlovy Vary and we have been trying to draw the public’s attention to the drawbacks of the lock systems. We also participate in other events, exhibitions and fairs, we publish in various magazines (Czech magazine Locksmith – Zámkař, Respekt magazine). Everything you can read on our blog about lockpicking.

If you are interested in writing an article on our blog not only on lockpicking or other topics in the field of locksmithing and security, feel free to contact our editorial office. Just write an e-mail or call and we will look at it together.