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Project Safe address in Brno and we were part of it

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EUROPEAN BRUSH PREVENTION DAY IN BRNO On Saturday 22.6.2019 we accepted an invitation from Mr. Ladislav Kratochvíl from AZKS (Association of lock and key services) to the event Safe address, which took place within the European Day of Burglary Prevention in the Area of traffic education in Brno Riviera. This action is a follow-up to a number of projects carried out by the Brno City Police since 2009 (Safe Location Safe Housing, Manual of Safe Housing, Domestic Academy) and is intended primarily for the general public of tenants, administrators and owners of flats, recreational facilities, but also owners, managers and owners [...]

Championship disciplines under the microscope: Cylinders

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CHAMPIONSHIP DISCIPLINES UNDER THE MICROSCOPE CYLINDERS: “THE SUPREME DISCIPLINE OF LOCKPICKING” + AN INTERVIEW WITH THE CURRENT CHAMPION Lockpicking of cylinders is probably the most prestigious discipline of the lockpicking championship, as it features some of the most difficult locks. The contestants bring their own cylinder which they need to open in 5 minutes before the start of the competition, otherwise they are eliminated. As can be expected, the range of difficulty of locks is very wide. The less experienced pickers usually bring simpler lock in order to minimize the chance of getting knocked-out before the competition starts. The seasoned [...]

Championship disciplines under the microscope: Padlocks

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CHAMPIONSHIP DISCIPLINES UNDER THE MICROSCOPE PADLOCKS: “5 MINUTES TO OPEN THE SHACKLE” Opening of padlocks is one of the traditional disciplines of lockpicking. It is suitable for lockpickers of all levels including beginners. The locks in the padlocks competition are usually simpler than in the discipline of opening of cylinders. LOCKPICKING OF PADLOCKS The art of opening of padlocks is very old, likely almost as old as the first padlocks which appeared more than 2000 years ago in ancient Rome and China. As the padlocks evolved, so did the opening methods. Nowadays, most padlocks use pin-tumbler mechanisms. There are two [...]

Championship disciplines under the microscope: Safecracking

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CHAMPIONSHIP DISCIPLINES UNDER THE MICROSCOPE SAFECRACKING: “OPENING OF SAFES LIKE YOU HAVE SEEN IN THE MOVIES AND BEYOND” The term safecracking means nondestructive opening of safes and safe locks and usually involves either keyed locks or mechanical combination lock. Safecracking requires specialized tools such as safe lock decoders and “Hobbs’ hooks” (in English, these are usually known as 2-in-1 picks, as they function as both picks and tension tools). Such tools are specifically designed for each type of safe lock. Some tools are used to pick the lock, some to decode the lock which is followed by building the key [...]

Championship disciplines under the microscope: Blitz

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CHAMPIONSHIP DISCIPLINES UNDER THE MICROSCOPE BLITZ: "HOW TO ELIMINATE ALL YOUR OPPONENTS IN ONE MINUTE" Blitz the fastest and most dynamic discipline of the championship; it is a fast elimination tournament. Competitors are standing forming a "circle" and holding their cylinder or padlock in their hands, having extra tools stuffed in their pockets. Each competitor has only one minute to open the lock to advance into the next round. If they fail to open they are, of course, eliminated. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE PAST  Sometimes, interesting locks appear in the competitions. In 2017, in the championship held in Orlik Marina, an [...]

Championship disciplines under the microscope: Freestyle

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CHAMPIONSHIP DISCIPLINES UNDER THE MICROSCOPE FREESTYLE: "SPEED IS UNRIVALED" Another discipline we want to introduce to our readers, lockpickers, partners and sponsors is freestyle. This discipline has been a part of our championships right from the beginning. It this disciplines the locks can be opened by any tools as long as they are nondestructive. The most often used tools used by the contestants are elektropicks, pick-guns, standard picks or bump keys. MOST COMMON NONDESTRUCTIVE METHODS Lockpicking using picks Opening cylinders and padlocks with picks and tension tools is the main approach used by hobby lockpickers. The most common techniques include [...]

Championship disciplines under the microscope: Impressioning

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CHAMPIONSHIP DISCIPLINES UNDER THE MICROSCOPE IMPRESSIONING: “A CONTEST IN FILING THE KEYS” While preparing the anniversary Czech lockpicking championship, it occurred to us that we could write for our readers, lockpicker, partners and sponsors a closer look at the individual competition disciplines and perhaps also mention some interesting things from the past championships. THE DAY OUR HISTORY BEGAN The first official Czech Lockpicking Championship took place on Saturday, September 18, 2010, in a sports club Sokol in Prague Vršovice. It was an important day for lockpicking in our region. Many lockpickers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia entered the competition, [...]

You can already register for the 10th Czech Lockpicking Championship

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From June 15, 2019, you can register for the 10th Czech Lockpicking Championship 2019, which will take place on September 13-15 2019 in Nová Živohošť. Find out more about the championship here. REGISTRATION Terms of data processing By sending the form, you agree with processing of your data in order to create your entrance ID for the 10th Czech Lockpicking Championship 2019, diplomas, certificates or score boards and other activities related to the event including reservations for accommodation or catering (in case you chose to reserve accommodation or the Friday buffet). Note that in addition to the data you [...]

Lockpicking – Competition in the ethical unlocking of TV Seznam

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ONE MONDAY MORNING WE SPEND IN THE TELEVISION PROGRAM MORNING ON GAUCHA On one Monday morning in May, we accepted an invitation to the TV show Morning on the Couch by TV Seznam. The moderator of this session is Petr Zajíček, who conceived lockpicking as much as we do, it is fun as well as puzzles. Of course, lockpicking has its own rules and code of ethics. You can see what we talked about in the following video.  

Welcoming Spring on Charles Bridge

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WHAT ARE THE LOCKS OF LOVE ?! AND WHAT DO WE DO? Why do people put padlocks (often referred to as love locks) on bridges, railings, and other public spaces? They probably believe the fairy tale to affirm their love that they will lock the lock and throw the key into the river. Even in Prague, so many foreigners and Czech tourists visit the center itself and close to Charles Bridge or click on their padlock of love. Every Tuesday, administrators and members of the Association of Artists of the Charles Bridge come to remove the locks of love using grinders [...]

We were surprised by Radio Wave in Prague

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LOCKPICKING TRAINING EVENTS ARE EVERY MONTH In March at one of our lockpicking training, which was also open to the public (after pre-registration and application), we were surprised by Miss Eva Svobodová, reporter for Radio Wave.The report is in the audio interview only in Czech, so it is unnecessary to give a link, but you can read the text from the report below.And you'll learn not only what lockpicking is or how a lock works. Less than a dozen future lockpicker or curious people visited us from this public training, all of them men.We divided into two groups, complete beginners and [...]

Championship Venue: Juniorcamp Nová Živohošť

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INFO ABOUT THE VENUE FOR THE 10TH CZECH LOCKPICKING CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 The tenth anniversary of the Czech Lockpicking Championship will take place in a beautiful landscape at the right bank of the Slapy dam, about 60 km from Prague, near the city Neveklov of the Benešov district. Attractive atmosphere of the area, many possibilities for sports activities and reasonable prices are among the main reasons why this site is very popular for tourists and locals alike. For reservation of accommodation or any questions, you can reach us at ACCOMMODATION The price for the basic accommodation in the Juniorcamp venue is 250 CZK [...]

Lockpicking & Breakfast with Nova TV show appearance

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LOCKPICKING & BREAKFAST WITH NOVA TV SHOW APPEARANCE We had the opportunity to be part of a live morning broadcast on NOVA TV in the “Breakfast with New” show, where in two entries our members spoke not only about lockpicking, but also about locksmiths, locks, unlocking, security and much more. First, of course, we explained the basic concept of lockpicking, who we are, and what lockpickers unite us. We explained how lockpicking in the locksmith occupation actually works, whether locksmiths use lockpicking or choose another method of opening in the Czech Republic. We also tried to describe and recommend what to [...]

Padlocks and freestyle (an interview for Respect magazine)

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Padlocks and freestyle (an interview for Respect magazine) "On average, I practice three times a week" (Marek Pederzoli) People often connect opening locks with picks, skeleton keys or hooks with criminals. Only a few people know that lockpicking is also a sport, in which international competitions are held. Marek Pederzoli (32), has fallen in love with this hobby and compares opening locks without keys to solving brain teasers and puzzles. You are a Ph.D. student of theoretical chemistry at the Czech Academy of sciences, however, you practice picking locks in your free time. Theoretical chemistry and lockpicking are quite [...]

Christmas lockpicking party 2018

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Every year, a Christmas Party of Association of the Czech Lockpickers is held only for our members and guests. In 2018 it was no different. We met in abundance when we had the opportunity to taste homemade nutell or apricot donuts, other than homemade potato salad with cutlets and other rich treats. Of course there was also a raffle and a big meeting - plans for 2019. PHOTOGALERY

IX. Czech Lockpicking Championship 2018

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A RECAP OF THE IX. CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC IN LOCKPICKING 2018 The 9th Czech Championship in Lockpicking is already behind us, let's review how it all went down. This year's edition took place on 20 - 21 October 2018 in Nová Živohošť. This year we had a total of 29 lockpickers from the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Italy. Need to thank our sponsors that provided not only locks for competition but also a number of valuable prizes. Similarly as in previous year, we competed in four disciplines. The first discipline was opening of padlocks. This year’s padlocks [...]

LockFest 2018 – International Lock Exhibition

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LockFest 2018 The third year of international lock exhibition was placed in days from 22nd till 23rd September 2018 and we had the opportunity to be a part of it. International exhibition LockFest is dedicated not only to professional locksmiths, but also to public and to the managers of apartment buildings to achieve the overview regarding the new trends in development of securitity technologies and so on. There were many of talks and presentations how to secure the property which were accessible to public, and also there were professional presentations and workshops to locksmiths only and special education and trainings [...]

Invitation and info about the Czech Lockpicking Championship 2018

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INVITATION AND INFO ABOUT THE CZECH LOCKPICKING CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 The Association of Czech Lockpickers is organizing the 9th year of the Czech Lockpicking Championship and all lockpickers and lock enthusiasts are all cordially invited to attend. This year’s competition will take place on the weekend of 19-21 October 2018 at Nová Živohošť (40 km of Prague). Come to show off your skills or just to have fun with friends not only from the Czech Republic but also from Germany, Hungary, Austria and other countries. The competitions start on Saturday, but most of the contestants usually arrive on Friday evening for an international training [...]

From history to a modern look at lockpicking and the code of ethics

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LOCKPICKING AND ETHICAL LOCKPICKER'S CODEX Lockpicking is non-destructive openning method of locks and locking systems without original key. Lockpicking isn't only manipulation by lockpick tools, but it is impressioning method as well or openning by decoders and others special tools. Lockpicking is not only for locksmiths, it's hobby and sport discipline called locksport. Lockpickers could be students, doctors, bank officers or scientists. For many of them it's relax from job or rest after hardwork. Lockpicking is like puzzle solving, increasing manual skills and helping train brain. Amount of lockpickers is still increasing and curently counting a few hundred of thousands. There [...]

Summer School of Lockpicking 2018 behind us – FACEBOOK

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In early June of 2018 we started a new project called "Summer School of Lockpicking". This project was created in cooperation with Locksmith CZ company and was focused not only on lockpickers or novice lockpickers, but also on the general public in the form of educational video presentations (INTRO EN - Summer school of lockpicking). The project contained 12 basic modules (topics) that were launched via the Facebook page ACL (@czechlockpickers) in a bilingual version (English and Czech). Following each lesson, a short video quiz was also launched. According to statistics, this project had high viewership, success rate and many [...]