A reminder of 2019 or what happened and did not happen


Three two one .. and in less than a minute the year 2020 is here. The previous 365 days have gone so fast and the same thing awaits us in 2020, but one more day?! Funny, but again there is a leap year with us. Before we fine-tune and debug our annual report of the Association of Czech Lockpickers, let’s recall 2019 what made it special and what we did.

An important change was that we organized regular lockpicking trainings where the public could participate. In the total number of participants, there were one hundred people in total for all the trainings. Great! In 2020, we want to complement lockpicking trainings with interesting locksmithing topics. It is pointless to hide some information that will increase the security of households and business companies, etc.

Within the framework of cooperation and events, we participated in the project Safe Address in Brno, under the auspices of the Brno Municipal Police and AZKS, etc. All visitors of this event stopped at our stand and tried lockpicking. We also had a look at the Tokoz plant in Žďár nad Sázavou, which in 2020 will celebrate its 100th anniversary. The company Tokoz was established in 1920 and was founded by Jaroslav Rousek.

In the autumn we had the opportunity to see both Austrian dormakaba plants in Eggenburg and Herzogenburg. In 2015, Dormakaba commenced the merger of DORMA Group and KABA Group, with the aim of merging their product lines and offering customers a very extensive product portfolio.

We also participated in the training at the company Evva in Barrandov, which in 2019 celebrated the centenary of its foundation. In the area of ​​knowledge and skills development, we visited our colleagues in Hungary for a few days and we also visited the LockCon event (the Netherlands), where we exchanged information for three days and we could compete as well.

The most important event of this year was the Czech Lockpicking Championship, which was held for the tenth time. This competition included lockpickers and visitors from all over the world and entered the history of lockpicking in the Czech Republic. The championship was not only a competition in lockpicking, but also impressioning or opening safe locks and countless lectures and workshops.

We’ve also appeared in several television media, including Breakfast with Nova TV or the Morning on the Couch (TV Seznam). We were also interviewed in the nationwide daily Metro or Respekt monthly periodicals. In the spring, we were on the online TV Idnes to remove the locks of love from Charles Bridge and its surroundings. And at one lockpicking session we were surprised by Wave Radio. Throughout this year, we were approached by people regarding their security of properties and several municipalities also approached us. Of course, during the year we were meeting at internal trainings and meetings.

We look forward to seeing you not only in the next year 2020, which really knocks on the door. And in conclusion on behalf of our whole team of the Czech Lockpicker Association we wish you a pleasant start to the new year and we promise that we will present ourselves again in full force and especially with new ideas and plans!