Bonus – Interview with our ACL President


We will conclude our memories of previous years by interviewed the person who was at the birth of the Czech championships and was the only part of all organized competitions – president of the Association of Czech Lockpickers (ACL) Nikol Ivanovová (32).

Thanks to this interview we want to lure and motivate other lockpickers to join us or come to compete at least.


Nikol, how did you get into lockpicking?

I have been playing with locks since I was a child, because I come from a locksmith family. I remember very well the day I met lockpicking as a contest. One day my dad came to the college and that I had to go somewhere with him. He was always mysterious, I didn’t protest at all, but I had no idea what to expect. We came to Vršovice in Prague and he placed me ​​there and said, “There is a lockpicking competition.” In fact, the first year of the championship in lockpicking took place and I was forced to fine-tune the basic rules, evaluate the competition myself and many other things. . In some time, of course, we finished these rules and compared them with foreign competitions.

Is your profession associated with locks or is lockpicking a sport / hobby for you?

We can say half and half. I am professionally involved in finance and programming, but I own a family-owned locksmith business with my mother, we have a training center and sell professional tools for locksmiths and government authorities.

What else do you do if you don’t do lockpicking?

I spend a lot of time working at the computer, working a lot with numbers, programming websites, and taking other work to organize ACL activities. We have a lot of plans and projects for the future that we are constantly working on. Otherwise, I devote my four-month Cavalier King Charles Spaniard Missy, that makes me happy.

What do your friends say about lockpicking?

Everyone knows that thanks to my dad and mum I have a relation to the locks, so they take it as a part of myself.

What would you like to say to the lockpickers and future lockpickers?

I would like to welcome new faces among us that would be as passionate about this sport as our current ACL members. Together, the new members would help us bring our visions and projects to a successful end. Of course, I will also welcome new people to this year’s 10th anniversary Championship in Lockpicking 2019 and I cordially invite you all! Definitely you have something to look forward to, this year it will be really big and full of news, we have been working on it for several months.