Bonus – Interview with the Blitz winner


We have already introduced the Freestyle and Lockpicking Champions of the Czech Republic. Now, let’s see another member of our Association of Czech Lockpickers (ACL) and go to Pilsen. This time we visited Mr. Miroslav Buchbauer (52), who last year knocked out both Czech and foreign lockpickers in blitz and was the only one to win the gold medal for the first place. We wondered how he did it.

Thanks to this interview we would like to lure and motivate other lockpickers to join us or come to compete at least.


Miroslav, how did you get into lockpicking?

A few years ago I was looking for a new job and the specialization. Finally, I took a training course in mechanical barrier systems techniques and this profession became a hobby in this field for me. Lockpicking is connected with my job. I am a locksmith and work in the Pilsen region, where I provide emergency service of locksmithing.

What do you like about it and how often do you train?

To be honest, I don’t train at all. I think I have talent and strategy, it always opens up by chance.

What else do you do if you don’t do lockpicking?

I spend my free time with my wife Monika and grandchild in a cottage, where I also like fishing. Fishing is a great relax for me.

What does your wife and children say about lockpicking?

My wife Monika supports me in everything and she is also a member of the ACL. She regularly helps us at the championship as a referee and a scorer.

How did you feel to win in a Blitz and beat them all?

It was fun, my colleagues lent me picks and said, “Put it in there and unlock it!” And it really happened.

What would you like to say to the lockpickers and future lockpickers?

Come to compare your strengths with me, I don’t train and I still win. No no, I’m joking. Nice to see new people among us, so come to this year’s competition.