Bonus – Interview with champion the Czech lockpicking championship


This year’s 10th Czech Championship in Lockpicking is knocking on the door. We reminded you all the disciplines on our blog, we remembered the interesting facts from previous years and now we have some interviews with our members of the Association of Czech Lockpickers (ACL).

Last year, Jaroslav Coufal (53) from Prostějov, who has been a member of the Association of Czech Lockpickers since 2015, took first place among all Czech lockpickers. We decided to interview him. We were wondering how he does it that he is so good and actually the best lockpicker in the Czech Republic.

Thanks to this interview we would like to lure and motivate other lockpickers to join us or come to compete at least.


Jaroslav, how did you get into lockpicking?

Evžen Ivanov sparked a great passion for this sport.

What do you like about it and how often do you train?

Lockpicking requires skills, knowledge of the mechanisms and a certain attitude of the mind and the body with which I try to work. I try to train for at least a few minutes a day.

Is your profession associated with locks or is lockpicking a sport / hobby for you?

Lockpicking is my hobby – relax.

What else do you do if you don’t do lockpicking?

I am engaged in running a sports center. I help people fulfill their dreams and resolutions in the field of sports performance.

What does your wife and children say about lockpicking?

The wife is gifted in a different direction, but my daughter Nelly (11 years old) is able also to open some locks.

How did you feel when you became the Czech Champion in Lockpicking?

The feeling was great, but it is no secret that there were better people at the competition, just they were not opening as usual. Sometimes it happens, but it is also the other way around. For example, Mirek Buchbauer in Blitz, in which he originally did not even want to compete and was persuaded to compete in, was able to beat strong rivals from abroad with his borrowed tools.

What do you want to say to the lockpickers and future lockpickers?

You can do whatever a person can do if you choose to. If you are interested in Lockpicking, do not postpone it and try to get into it, only then you will know the feelings they can make you happy.