Championship Venue: Juniorcamp Nová Živohošť


The tenth anniversary of the Czech Lockpicking Championship will take place in a beautiful landscape at the right bank of the Slapy dam, about 60 km from Prague, near the city Neveklov of the Benešov district. Attractive atmosphere of the area, many possibilities for sports activities and reasonable prices are among the main reasons why this site is very popular for tourists and locals alike. For reservation of accommodation or any questions, you can reach us at


The price for the basic accommodation in the Juniorcamp venue is 250 CZK (10 EUR) per person per night. Juniorcamp offers accommodation in cottages for 130 people in total. There are rooms for 2, 3, 4 and 5 people. The rooms are quite simple and contains beds or bunk beds, a wardrobe, table and chairs. Smaller cottages contain four room, mostly for 2 people. Larger cottages contain 7-9 rooms usually for 2-4 people. There is no heating in the cottages. In case of bad weather, warm clothes or sleeping bags are recommended.

Juniorcamp also offers rooms in “cottages” with brick walls. These are lightly heated and can house up to 70 people in rooms for 4-5 people. The rooms contain bunk beds, a wardrobe, a table and chairs.

Each bed has a duvet and a pillow; bed linens are provided.

There are several bathrooms and wash rooms in the area, they are checked several times per day to maintain high standards. Soap, toilet paper, paper towels are provided.  Most of the area has free Wi-Fi coverage. There are electric plugs in all rooms for charging your laptops, phones, etc. They should not be used for, refrigerators or electric tee kettles. The cottages and common areas were refurbished last year.

If you would like to have more comfort in a more expensive accommodation these options are within 10 minutes of walking distance:

Restaurace a penzion u vodníka Kebuleho Guesthouse offering apartments for four containing two double rooms.

Resort Beach Offers accommodation in bungalows (economy, standard, superior), rooms in a villa or apartments.


There are two good restaurants in the camp site, Caravan Club and Juniorcamp. Restaurant Caravan Club is open from 10 AM until midnight. There is a daily menu of ready foods, quick dishes, soups, salads, sodas, draft and bottled beers, vine. There is a breakfast buffet for 95,- CZK per person.

For participants and visitors, the restaurant Juniorcamp in the main building will be accesible with similar selection of food. The price per mean is around 110 CZK for the main course.

On Friday evening, there will be a barbecue buffet, with grilled meat cheese and vegetables, of course, complemented with good beers and lemonades. The price for barbecue buffet is 500 CZK (20 EUR) per person.


You do not have to spend the entire time at the competition. If you are coming with family, you take advantage of a large variety of sports activities available, the playground or taking a trip.

Prices for renting sports equipment

Tennis – antukový kurt 100,- CZK / hour / + 15 min for cleaning of the court
Tennis – clay court 80,- CZK / hour
Tennis rackets 35,- CZK / hour / piece
Table tennis (table, 2 rackets) 50,- CZK / hour
Table tennis (table only) 30,- CZK / hour
Minigolf (1 club, 1 ball) 40,- CZK / hour
Renting a ball 30,- CZK / hour

Konopiště Chateu

Originally a castle from the end of 13th century, rebuild several times and eventually became a chateau at the turn of the 19th and 20th century of Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria-Este. There are some nice tours of the castle available and nice exteriors with beautiful gardens.

Drahoušek Lookout Tower

A concrete lookout tower, 47 m high. You need to take 167 stairs to get to the top.
To get to the tower, you need to drive to Neveklov u Sedlčan and follow the signs to take the asphalt road that will lead you to a parking lot. You need to leave your car there and continue for about 300 m until you get to the tower.

Dobříš Castle

Zámek patří mezi nově zpřístupněné památkové objekty naší republiky. Návštěvnické veřejnosti byly otevřeny cenné interiéry, zahrnující vedle reprezentativních sálů také hostinské pokoje s hodnotnými uměleckými sbírkami a nábytkovým mobiliářem. Zároveň se zámkem byla přebudována a upravena také zahrada, která patří mezi nejkrásnější tzv. francouzské zahrady v Čechách. Je doplněna řadou sochařských děl z dílny Ignáce Františka Platzera.
K hodnotným interiérům patří zejména sál, ale také knihovna, jídelna a gobelínový pokoj. Od roku 1998 je zámek opět majetkem rodiny Colloredo-Mannsfeldů.

Benešov City and its surroundings

The closest city is Benešov. It lies between the rivers Sázava a Vltava. It is surrounded by woods and fishponds. There are 367 cultural sites in the Benešov disctrict, most notably the Konopiště Chateau. Other interesting places include chateaus Jemniště and Dobříš, castle Český Šternberk and the famous Karlštejn castle which is a bit further away. There is a Gold Museum in Jílové u Prahy, Military Technical Museum in Lešany or Museum of Motorcycles in Netvořice.

Heroutice Farm

The farm located in the beautiful surroundings of Neveklov fish ponds and a Slapy dam, near the city of Neveklov. There are several activities and high standard of services. There are many experienced horses for beginners and experienced riders, professional staff, accommodation, a restaurant, and since the winter of 2001two rinding halls, one of which can be used for competitions.