Lockpicking & Breakfast with Nova TV show appearance


We had the opportunity to be part of a live morning broadcast on NOVA TV in the “Breakfast with New” show, where in two entries our members spoke not only about lockpicking, but also about locksmiths, locks, unlocking, security and much more.

First, of course, we explained the basic concept of lockpicking, who we are, and what lockpickers unite us. We explained how lockpicking in the locksmith occupation actually works, whether locksmiths use lockpicking or choose another method of opening in the Czech Republic. We also tried to describe and recommend what to buy and how to properly secure your property. It is necessary to add that we always start with the selection of security fittings (3rd – 4th security class in the Czech Republic), we showed a small example of fittings and locks.

We did not forget to point out that if you forget your keys at home, it is better to call a professional locksmith. We showed photographs of how it turns out when you try to open the door yourself. It causes more damage than good.

Questions that have been raised on a TV show include:

  • What is lockpicking?
  • When did lockpicking occur?
  • What tools are used in sports lockpicking?
  • What are the competition disciplines at lockpicking races?
  • What methods do thieves use?
  • How to secure an apartment or house?
  • What to buy cylinders?
  • How to identify security fittings?
  • How does the lock mechanism work?
  • When and where will the 10th Czech Lockpicking Championship be held?

For more questions and answers, read the following video.