Summer School of Lockpicking 2018 behind us – FACEBOOK

In early June of 2018 we started a new project called “Summer School of Lockpicking”. This project was created in cooperation with Locksmith CZ company and was focused not only on lockpickers or novice lockpickers, but also on the general public in the form of educational video presentations (INTRO EN – Summer school of lockpicking).

The project contained 12 basic modules (topics) that were launched via the Facebook page ACL (@czechlockpickers) in a bilingual version (English and Czech). Following each lesson, a short video quiz was also launched.

According to statistics, this project had high viewership, success rate and many positive feedback not only from lockpickers, but also from the public. People from foreign countries (America, England, Poland, Hungary, Germany, etc.) were also involved in the observation. Following this project in the next year 2019 will be various trainings for lockpickers, public and companies..


  1.   Introduction to lockpicking, basic terminology Play video Play video
  2.   A brief history of locks Play video Play video
  3.   Types of locks and how they work Play video Play video
  4.   Basic lockpicking tools Play video Play video
  5.   Basic Picking techniques Play video Play video
  6.   Basic tensioning techniques Play video Play video
  7.   Security pins Play video Play video
  8.   Lockpicking of dimple locks Play video Play video
  9.   Bumping and other kinetic attacks Play video Play video
  10.   Safes and safe locks Play video Play video
  11.   Lockpicking vs. Locksmithing Play video Play video
  12.   New trends in physical security Play video Play video