VIII. Czech Lockpicking Championship 2017

The fastest opening record was achieved in the VIII Czech Lockpicking Championship!

The record time was achieved by Petr Wittner (Czech Republic) who opened a cylinder in 0.47 second. Congratulations! The eighth  Czech Lockpicking Championship, the Evžen Ivanov Memorial, was held on September 8-10 in Marina Orlík. There were 27 contestants from several countries (Česká republika, Německo, Maďarsko a Rakousko).

The competition included four traditional disciplines: lockpicking of padlocks (time limit of 5 min), lockpicking of cylinders (time limit of 15 min), freestyle (time limit of 5 min) and blitz (time limit 1 minute).

The title of “Czech Lockpicker 2017” was announced. The winner was Filip Tůma, the second and third place goes to Roman Hora and Luděk Sikyta, respectively.


1 Tamas Varadi HUN 1 Roman Hora CZE
2 Jarlosav Coufal CZE 2 Sven Breiser DEU
3 Filip Tůma CZE 3 Nikolász Popotász HUN
4 Akos Subecz HUN 4 Béla Murakeözy HUN
5 Sonke Payns DEU 5 Boris Mahdal CZE
6 Árpád Nyerges HUN 6 Luděk Sikyta CZE
7 Josef Beneš CZE 7 Jan Glaser CZE
1 Akos Subecz HUN 1 Filip Tůma CZE
2 Peter Knapp Jr. HUN 2 Jaroslav Coufal CZE
3 Árpád Nyerges HUN 3 Josef Cháb CZE
4 Tamas Varadi HUN 4 Petr Wittner CZE
5 Hugo Platzer AUT 5 Jan Glaser CZE
6 Nikolász Popotász HUN 6 Sonke Payns DEU
7 Boris Mahdal CZE 7 Roman Hora CZE
8 Béla Murakeözy HUN 8 Luděk Sikyta CZE
1 Petr Wittner CZE 1 Roman Hora CZE
2 Filip Tůma CZE 2 Peter Knapp Sr. HUN
3 Sonke Payns DEU 3 Béla Murakeözy HUN
4 Luděk Sikyta CZE 4 Tamas Varadi HUN
5 Peter Knapp Jr. HUN 5 Boris Mahdal CZE
6 Sven Breiser DEU 6 Jan Hanák CZE
7 Akos Subecz HUN 7 Hugo Platzer AUT
8 Árpád Nyerges HUN 8 Sparber Werner AUT
1 Sven Breiser DEU
1 Filip Tůma Czech Lockpicker 2017
2 Roman Hora 1st Runner-up
3 Luděk Sikyta 2nd Runner-up
4 Boris Mahdal 4th-best Czech Lockpicker
5 Petr Wittner 5th-best Czech Lockpicker