VI. Czech Lockpicking Championship 2015

On September 19-20 2015, the sixth Czech Lockpicking Championship took place and Vranov Ranch. The contestants arrived on Friday afternoon and spent a pleasent evening chatting with their international colleagues, picking locks and eating grilled meat.
The championship started on Sunday morning with lockpicking of padlocks. This discipline was conquered by Tamas Varadi (Hungary), followed by Manfred Bölker (Germany) and Torsten Quast (Germany). In freestyle, 3 winners were awarded: a lucky lockpicking beginner Viktor Kučava (Czech Republic), Evžen Ivanov (Czech Republic) and Akos Subecz (Hungary).
Several skilled lockpickers failed to pass the elimination rounds of lockpicking of cylinders, including the last years champion Filip Tůma who didn’t manage to open his cylinder in five minute limit.
Sunday finals of lockpicking of cylinders was dominated by Akos Subecz (Hungary), second place was taken by Manfred Bölker (Germany) and the third by Torsten Quast (Germany). In freestyle the first place went to Manfred Bölker (Germany), second place to Torsten Quast (Germany) and third to David Kobylák (Czech Republic).
During the competition, there was a safecracking challenge. Unfortunately, no contestant was able to open the manipulation-resistant mechanical combination lock so the trophy remained unclaimed.