V. Czech Lockpicking Championship 2014 and LOCKFEST 2014

On September 20. – 21. 2014, the fifth Czech Lockpicking Championship took place. I was part of Lockfest, an international exhibition for locksmiths.

The exhibition was very successful and highly praised by experts and visitors from the general public. The exhibition also included popular workshops and seminars, some open to public, some restricted workshops for certified locksmiths or government.

The lockpicking championship included traditional disciplines:

  • Lockpicking of padlocks (time limit of 5 min)
  • Lockpicking of cylinders (time limit of 15 min)
  • Freestyle (time limit of 5 min), won by Akos Subecz (Hungary)
  • Blitz (time limit of 1 minute), won by Evžen Ivanov (Czech Republic) and Josef Beneš (Czech Republic)