Don’t write on the social networks where you are in now, the advice of the Association of Czech Lockpickers


Nikol Ivanovova is the head of the independent organization of the Association of Czech Lockpickers, which associates fans of nondestructive overcoming locks as a sporting discipline and hobby. “It pays to pay extra money for a better security cylinder,” Ivanovova says in an interview with Metro journal.

We are after the holidays, but people are still leaving for their holidays to the sea, they are approaching the mountains. It is also business travel time. How can people protect their property?
I would recommend a combination of mechanical and electronic security, mechanical security includes security cylinders, fittings and doors. Electronic security is currently affordable, for example using a camera system to monitor your home and house via mobile online. And of course nowhere to post information about your absence on social networks.

Do you have an overview of how people are aware of the possibilities of securing their properties?
Unfortunately, from our locksmith members, we find out that most people solve their security only after robbing their properties. Or they buy a new property and go to the locksmith shop to get a key to an existing cylinder (slang – Fabka) rather than buy a new cylinder.

There are different security classes of protection, what are they briefly different from each other?
There are four security classes. In the first and second security class there are so-called building cylinders. The building cylinder is a temporary closing of the building for the duration of construction. In the third and fourth classes we find cylinders that have been certified and have more safety features.

The security level of the locks is taken into account not only by thieves, but also by insurance companies, what does this affect?
The level of security affects the amount of the insurance and the subsequent indemnification by the insurance company. Often, the insurance includes free emergency locksmith service, discount on premiums and other bonuses under the insurance contract.

Is it correct to say that a safer lock will not stop the thief, it just takes more time?
Security features discourage most thieves, so I recommend a combination of mechanical and electronic security.

There are tournaments and championships in the opening of locks and safes, how are the Czech representatives doing in this respect?
We have been participating in international competitions since 2010, since then our members’ skills have moved to the level of foreign lockpickers. In 2017, the incredible record of opening the cylinder fell under one second.

Why was the Association of Czech Lockpickers created and how many members it currently has?
Our association was established in 2010 as the first of its kind in the Czech Republic and one of the oldest Lockpickers in Europe. The reason for its founding was to associate all fans of this sport in the Czech Republic with the possibility to communicate with the public as well as with manufacturers of locking systems and with the possibility of cooperation with members of similar organizations in Europe and worldwide. At present, the organization has 24 members, a large part of our members are professionals in the field – locksmiths, locksmiths or vault specialists, but there are also people from other professions from students to scientists.

The Association of Czech Lockpickers organizes various trainings and lectures, what topics do they cover?
We are able to provide tailor-made training for companies and organizations. We are also able to provide penetration tests, ie. simulating a real attack or infiltration of a company. Every year we organize events where people learn more about lockpicking as a sport, but also valuable information about the weaknesses of locks and lock systems that protect you and your property. We also regularly train in lockpicking in Prague.

The author of the article is Kristýna Šmejkalová from Metro daily dated 6.9.2019 (Source: Metro daily)