Project Safe address in Brno and we were part of it


On Saturday 22.6.2019 we accepted an invitation from Mr. Ladislav Kratochvíl from AZKS (Association of lock and key services) to the event Safe address, which took place within the European Day of Burglary Prevention in the Area of traffic education in Brno Riviera. This action is a follow-up to a number of projects carried out by the Brno City Police since 2009 (Safe Location Safe Housing, Manual of Safe Housing, Domestic Academy) and is intended primarily for the general public of tenants, administrators and owners of flats, recreational facilities, but also owners, managers and owners of commercial premises, premises and buildings.

It presents to the people who participate in the project clearly laid down basic recommendations for safe housing, which defines the basic recommendations for:

  • Mechanical barriers
  • Electronic alarm systems
  • Surveillance camera systems
  • Fire prevention
  • Social prevention, regime and organization

Members of the ACL team not only explained to the public how to secure and protect their home, but everyone could try out the basic lockpicking techniques on several prepared cylinders and padlocks.